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Everyone loves floorplans, with good reason.            

Providing a floorplan enables potential buyers to visualise the layout of rooms. This allows them to think about how they might live in the accommodation, or even how they could re-model the property.
As such they have become a must-have element of property details, especially for brochures.


Not all floorplans are created equally.

The attention to detail that Marcus applies to his photography is also applied to his measurement and production of floorplans. Accurate depictions of wall thickness, window styles, door widths, and fixture symbols are some of the qualities that set these floorplans a step above the ordinary.
laser measure

Please view these sample floorplans

Combining a photo-shoot with measuring for floorplans makes sense for all parties. Minimising scheduling and disruption for the Vendor, and providing an 'All-in-One' package for Estate Agents.

The plans can be supplied in a variety of formats to suit your requirements [most commonly a .gif or .jpeg file] and are usually supplied in a clean style, black on white, annotated with just room descriptions.
Differently coloured room backgrounds, room dimensions and arrows can be applied to the plans if requested.
A separate page detailing the room dimensions is supplied to assist in the writing up of the property details.

All plans are measured and drawn in accordance with the RICS code of practice.